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Eidolon Featured in USA Health Medical Education Videos Channel

Larry B. Mellick, MS, MD runs the channel USA Health Medical Education. He served as the first chairman of the new Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia and continued in that role from August of 1996 until 2003. He holds the board certifications in Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He started the pediatric emergency medicine programs at the Medical College of Georgia (Augusta University) and Loma Linda University Medical Center. In recent years Dr. Mellick has developed an interest in clinical photography and the creation of training videos for emergency medicine.

His popular educational YouTube channel has over 37 million views, 75,000 subscribers and over 500 videos. The following videos shows him featuring our Photo-Bluminator II in the ER to examine pediatric corneal abrasions and at home.

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