FAQ for the Bluminator


Can I change the batteries?

No, you cannot for saftey reasons. Medical devices that have button cell batteries, such as the Bluminator, must be sealed. We ultrasonically weld the Bluminator, because we do not want a child to find the battery in your lane and ingest the battery.

How long do Bluminator batteries last?

The shelf life of the battery is 7.2 years. We calculated that if you use the Bluminator 30 seconds a day, 250 days a year, then the battery will last 5 years. However, even after the battery dies, it is still a useful device because you can use it to view the eye.

What is the difference between the blue and white Bluminator?

First came the blue Bluminator. It is to be used with fluorescein to view the cornea for corneal abrasions, scratches and contact fittings. We subsequently introduced a white version due to doctors requests, to view the anterior segment. Then we had requests for a device that used both white and blue and that doctors could take photographs through, so we made the Photo-Bluminator II.

Can I get a discount?

We have quantity discounts. For ophthalmic professionals, we offer a case of 10 Blumiantors: pay for 9 you get one free.

If I order 10 Bluminators, can I get different colors?

Who is the Bluminator used for?

The blue Bluminator is used to view the cornea. The white Blumiantor is used to view the anterior segment and adnexa.

Do I need to get close to the patient?

The Bluminator should be about an inch away from the patient's eye. But, the Doctor can look through the lens of the Blumiantor either up close or from an arms length away.

Can I take a picture with the Bluminator?

It is possible, but it is difficult to take a picture. That is why we invented the Photo-Bluminator II which attaches to your phone and has both white and blue LEDs.