FAQ for the Hand Held Slit Lamp

Slit Lamp

How do I change the battery?

Step 1: Remove Slit Size Adjustment Ring by Rotating it Counterclockwise. Step 2: Remove the metallic Lamp Holder by Rotating it Counterclockwise. Step 3: Remove and Replace Batteries or Bulb Note: After changing the batteries or bulb, you may have to re-adjust the 20-D loupe so that it is in the correct position on the slit lamp body in relation to the slit image

My battery is stuck, how do I get it out?

As stated in the manual, Eidolon asks that you DO NOT not leave dead batteries in the device. If you leave dead batteries in the device, you need to send your product back to us for repair. Why does this happen? Inexpensive and readily available, Alkaline batteries produce the most power for their size. They are therefore one of the best batteries to use for a battery-powered product.
However, lately, battery manufacturers, in order to increase the lifetime of the battery thinning the cell wall, thus increasing the amount of chemicals in the battery. When the battery stops producing electricity, the chemicals oxidize causing the battery to swell. As a result, the battery cell-wall, thinner than it should, bursts. Once this happens the alkaline battery leaks and corrodes the device. The tube cannot be recovered and thus needs to be changed.

How do I change the Bulb?

To change the bulb,
Step 1: Remove Slit Size Adjustment Ring by Rotating it Counterclockwise.
Step 2: Remove the Lamp bulb from its Holder by Rotating it Counterclockwise.

What is the guarantee?

There is a 5-year-guarantee, excluding the bulb and batteries. Repair outisde the 5-year-guarantee is $200 for a complete rebuild to current standards.

How do I install the blue filter?

To attach the filter to the slit lamp, align the filter so that it is on the same plane as the slit lamp. Then press the filter firmly onto the slit lamp. The filter will remain securely in place due to the downward force of the O-ring.

How do I clean the Hand Held Slit Lamp?

To remove fingerprints and dirt on the outside of the instrument, wipe with a clean soft cloth. Store your slit lamp in its accompanying nylon case with Velcro closure. Use the attached stitched pouch for accessories (filter, spare bulb, etc.).

How do I clean the lens?

Cleaning the lens involves: A lint free towel, for example a coffee filter One squirt of glass cleaner (windex) on the lint free towl (coffee filter) To clean the lend hold it up to the light and you will see the dust and finderprints Then use the cloth in a circular motion to clean the lens. This should dramatically improve the viewing performance of the Hand Held Slit Lamp.

Can I send in my Hand Held Slit Lamp for service?

We offer an out-of-warranty repair for a fixed price. We will rebuild you Hand Held Slit Lamp to current standards.

Can I get a discount on a quantity order?

Quantity discounts start at for a quantity of five or more and are granted on a case by case basis. If you would like to purchase 5 slit lamps or more, please call us at 781.400.0586, and ask to speak to Victor.

Can I get engravings?


Can I perceive depth?

Yes, you can see depth. If the doctor holds their head back and that she uses it binocularly (that is: both of her eyes converge on the Hand Held Slit Lamp) they will be able to see depth.

How do I look at the left eye?

The Hand Slit lamp can be used monocularly as a "Left eye (doctor's) to left eye (the patient's)" in the left hand; and "right eye (doctor's) to right eye (the patient's)" in the right hand.

Can I get higher magnification?

Not yet. However, Eidolon is working on a retrofittable zoom lens for the Hand Held Slit Lamp. Depending on demand for it we may come out with it sooner.