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Mission Trip
Mission Trips & Global Outreach

Portable Products

HAND HELD SLIT LAMP 510L             8 oz

PHOTO-BLUMINATOR II                    2.1 oz

BLUMINATOR: BLUE LED                   .7 oz

BLUMINATOR: WHITE LED                 .7 oz

Usable Anywhere

  • All of the Eidolon products will fit inside your pocket.


  • You can attach the Hand Held Slit Lamp 510L and Photo-Bluminator II to your iPhone to record images and videos.

  • All of our products are powered by batteries. You can replace the batteries in the the Hand Held Slit Lamp 510L and Photo-Bluminator II. 

  • Our products are easy to use on children and adults who cannot get on table-top biomicroscopes, making them a must have tool for any global outreach program.


Bluminator Anterior Segment Examination at the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital, in Dodoma, Tanzania

At Eidolon, we design the best Hand Held Instruments to look at the eye and diagnose Anterior Segment Conditions anywhere, on anybody. All of our diagnostic instruments function with standardly sized batteries, making them convenient to use in remote rural areas. Their optical design account for the convexity of the eye, thus displaying better images. Our instruments are also sturdy, made out of extremely resistant materials and light weight. 

We have a history of working with Global Outreach initiatives that have helped people in Tanzania, Haiti, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, South Sudan. And have at times sent some of our staff to ensure optimal use of our instruments.  

If you are interested in working with our product for a mission trip and need more information, we encourage you to contact us.

Products Designed for Outreach 
We build sight-saving Illuminators for mobile physicians 
The Future of Telehealth starts with Smartphone-compatible devices

That's why at Eidolon we design our products so that they are compatible with most smartphones, iPhones, iPads and Tablets
Best Smartphone Cornea and Anterior segment photos in ER and with Children


Keep a record of your patients' anterior segment examinations


Take HD horizontal or vertical images and videos of your patients’ eyes


Save and upload images and videos to the cloud, or to a PDF to incorporate it in your Health Medical Records.



Phone Cases for iPhones and clips for any other smart phone are are available. 


Buy Products
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Our product can be purchased directly from us through our online store. All you have to do is let us know what Instrument interest you...

Hand Held Slit Lamp

Photo-Bluminator II

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