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By Popular Demand: A tutorial on how to change the batteries of the Photo-Bluminator II

First things first:

The Eidolon Photo-Bluminator II uses four (4) 303/357 Silver Oxide Batteries, also known as SR44 Batteries. To change the batteries you will need:

- a phillips head screwdriver

- a small straight tip screwdriver to push out the batteries from their enclosure.

The Steps:

Step 1: Unscrewing the screws on the back case

Step 1. With the phillips head screwdriver, take of the two (2) screws on the back case of the Photo-Bluminator II.

Step 2. Opening the Photo-Bluminator II

Step 2. Once you make sure that both screws are removed, gently separate the front and back of the Photo-Bluminator II aluminum case. To do this, we recommend putting a small straight tip screwdriver in the seam of the case, and to gently work the small straight tip screwdriver around, until the Photo-Bluminator II opens up.

Step 3. Separation of the Base and the Cover

Step 3. Once you separated the front from the back of the case, you will notice that the lens will be staying in the back of the case (also called base).

Step 4. Pushing the Batteries out

Step 4. On the other half of the case, you will see the four (4) SR44 batteries, inside of a bridge-looking battery holder. Pay attention to the polarity of the battery. Using the small straight tip screwdriver, push out the batteries of their holder.

Step 5. Once the old batteries are out, take the new batteries and put them inside.

Step 6. Make sure that the flat side of the batteries face you/away from the circuit.

Video tutorial:


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