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12 Reasons Why Ophthalmic Professionals Own an Eidolon Bluminator

Eidolon Optical’s patented ophthalmic illuminator, the Eidolon Bluminator, is designed to ease the examination of anterior segment of the eye, and its periphery. With over 45’000 of them sold to eye care professionals here is what Ophthalmic professionals love about Eidolon’s most popular product:

  1. It’s the Best View of the Eye They Get in Some Cases. The Eidolon Bluminator lens is designed specifically for the eye, and is distortion-free. It magnifies the patient’s eye to provide the physician with excellent small pupil capability and an optimal view of the anterior segment and adnexa.

  2. It’s a Compact Ophthalmic Device. It weighs less than an ounce (less than 28g) and has a compact design, making it easy to carry and easy to maneuver. Its “lens-centric” design also makes for a product that is instinctive to use.

  3. It Exists in Two Colors. The Eidolon Bluminator can illuminate the eye with white light, or blue light. The white light Bluminaor , whereas the blue light Bluminator

  4. It Allows for Maximal Fluorescence of Corneal Abrasions. The Blue beam of light of the Blue Bluminator produces a bright, spectrally pure beam light that causes foreign bodies, abrasions, and other epithelial defects to fluoresce vividly. Moreover, its wavelength has been specifically picked to make sure that the light emitted through the blue LEDs maximally excites fluorescein dyes, leading to maximal fluorescence effect.

  5. It's the Easiest Tool for Contact Lens Fittings. The Bluminators produce a bright, beam light making it easy to see and recognize the fluorescence pattern of the fluorescein in your patient’s eye.

  6. It’s Well-Suited for Versatile Environments. The Eidolon Bluminator is an ultralight portable device and can be used on any patient in most venues: Emergency Room, outdoors, during ward round, a bedtime exam, inside the practice. It can also be used on children, disabled patients, anyone who cannot sit still or on a chair.

  7. It’s Comfortable for the Patients. Because it is designed it to have oblique illumination, patients do not experience any persistence of vision.

  8. It Can be Used at Arms-length. The Eidolon Bluminator can be used binocularly. As a result, while the ophthalmic illuminator lens needs to be about 3cm away from the patient’s eye, the physician can be an arms-length away from the device, without compromising the quality of the image.

  9. It’s Virtually Indestructible. The Eidolon Bluminator is made out of lexane polycarbonate, a high engineering performance military grade plastic with superior impact strength, excellent insulating properties and flame resistance. The device is ultrasonically welded to keep device sealed from dust and moisture.

  10. It’s Cost-effective and has a long life. In most cases, the device pays for itself after one consultation; an although the product is sealed, after being purchased from Eidolon, it typically lasts between 3-5 years.

  11. It comes with a lanyard and a Pouch. For the convenience of the customer, Eidolon includes a lanyard so the device is easy to carry around and doesn’t get lost, and a pouch to prevent its lens from scratching.

  12. It’s Easy to Clean and Disinfect. In Covid-times, being able to seamlessly the product is even more critical. The simple design of the product makes it easy to clean, and keep patients safer.


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