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Slit Lamp

How do I change the battery?

My battery is stuck, how do I get it out?

Do not leave dead batteries in the device. If you have left dead batteries in the device, you need to send it back to us for repair. Alkeline batteries produce the most power/volume, they are readily available, and inexpensive. Furthermore, they are the most enviornmentally friendly battery. Battery standards include a determinant length and diameter. But because of competition between battery manufactures, they increased the lifetime of the battery by thinning the cell wall. When the battery stops producing electricity, the chemistry changes and the new chemical reaction causes the battery to swell, which makes the battery wall burst. Furthermore, the alkeline leaks and corrodes the device.

How do I change the Bulb?


What is the guarantee?

There is a 5-year-guarantee, excluding the bulb and batteries. Repair outisde the 5-year-guarantee is $200 for a complete rebuild to current standards.

How do I install the blue filter?


How do I clean the Hand Held Slit Lamp?


How do I clean the lens?

MANUAL Cleaning the lens involves: A lint free towel, for example a coffee filter One squirt of glass cleaner (windex) on the lint free towl (coffee filter) Hold the lens up to the light and you will see the dust and finderprints USe the cloth in a circular motion to clean the lens This should dramatically improve the viewing performance of the Hand Held Slit Lamp

Can I send in my Hand Held Slit Lamp for service?

We offer an out-of-warranty repair for a fixed price. We will rebuild you Hand Held Slit Lamp to current standards.

Can I get a discount on a quantity order?

Quantity discounts start at for a quantity of five or more.

Can I get engravings?


Can I percieve depth?

Yes you can see depth. If the doctor holds her head back and both of her eyes convege on the Hand Held Slit Lamp she will be able to see depth. (research the procedures that require depth perception)

How do I look at the left eye?

MANUAL Left eye to left eye in the left hand Right eye to right eye in the right hand.

Can I get higher magnification?

Eidolon will be coming out in first quarter 2019, with a retrofittable zoom lens for the Hand Held Slit Lamp.

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