The Eidolon Hand Held Slit Lamp - Model 510L

The Original

The ultra-portable Model 510L is a popular diagnostic instrument for examination of anterior segment structures and ocular abnormalities. Its patented optical system produces a high-brightness, continuously adjustable slit image. 

Slit Lamp Blue 9

The Eidolon HHSL is particularly suited for pediatric and geriatric settings, emergency departments, screenings, ward rounds, bedside examinations, post-op evaluations, and mission work. 

Fits in Your Pocket


5 Year Gaurantee

Our product comes with a 5-year guarantee.  Repair or replacement of your unit through that period is free.


Model 510

The ultra-portable HHSL Model 510 is used in the operating room whenever doctors want they need slit lamp illumination. This instrument produces a high-brightness, continuously adjustable slit image.


Cobalt Blue Filter

Use the Cobalt Blue Filter to discern corneal abrasions and epithelial defects with fluorescein dye. Practical and easy to use, the Eidolon Cobalt Blue filter is the convenient must-have accessory to the Eidolon Hand Held Slit Lamp.


Spare Bulb

Replace your Eidolon Hand Held Slit Lamp Bulb with the Eidolon Halogen Spare bulb.  


Keep a record of slit lamp exams. Take HD horizontal or vertical images and videos of your patients’ eyes, then save and upload images and videos to the cloud.

Eidolon Adapter

For any Smart Phone and iPhone

(5/5S, SE, 6/6S, 6+/6s+, 7/7+, 8/8+, X and iPad Mini)

Easy to Assemble

The HHSL adapter connects effortlessly to the Eidolon iPhone cover. Simply hook up the adapter to the 510L's loupe; then slip your Eidolon iPhone cover to the HHSL adapter. 

Portable Recording

Keep a record of your patients examinations in your pocket. The HHSL adapter links your 510L to your iPhone and turns the instrument into a recording device. You can take HQ horizontal or vertical images and videos of your patients' eyes.

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