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About Eidolon Optical

Eidolon's mission is to create sight saving instruments for ophthalmic professionals 

Eidolon Optical LLC, designs, develops, and manufactures innovative medical products for ophthalmic professionals. Our products are designed, patented, and manufactured in the United States of the highest quality materials. We sell hand-held sight-saving instruments internationally to ophthalmologists, optometrists, veterinarians, emergency department physicians, military medics, and medical researchers. Our products are used in every country in the world (except as restricted by law) and have also been used in space.

Eidolon Optical, LLC designs and develops ophthalmic instruments that eye care professionals can use on any patient, in any environment. 


The most essential instruments for doctors are the ones they already love to use.

The Hand Held Slit Lamp 510L, the Photo-Bluminator II and the Bluminator™ enable our customers to do their best work while bringing their practice into an agile 21st century.



Eidolon Optical invented the Photo-Bluminator II. An instrument with blue and white LEDs that you can attach to your smart phone.

Eidolon Photo-Bluminator II


Eidolon developed it's most popular product The Eidolon Bluminator® Ophthalmic Illuminator. 


Our products allow them to work simply and productively because we design our instruments to effortlessly adapt to your smartphone and record high definition eye examinations. 


Eidolon Hand Held Slit Lamp


Eidolon Optical makes it's first product The Eidolon Hand Held Slit Lamp. 


Eidolon Bluminator
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